Get Your Fix for Sweet Treats at One of These Houston Area Favorites

There’s no denying that Texas summers are amongst the nation’s hottest and most humid! That’s why it’s important to continue to keep yourself cool until autumn really begins to set in towards the end of October. You can approach this a few different ways – drinking tons of water, cooling down your body’s hot zones, and eating water-rich foods – hello, watermelon season!

Speaking of cool, refreshing watermelon, you shouldn’t let the pandemic derail you on your search for the best delicious, cold, and refreshing iced treats. Here are some of our favorite icy dessert shops and Houston, open for takeout during the coronavirus pandemic:

Tarascos Ice Cream – 13932 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX

Known for their mangonadas, handcrafted paletas, and fruit tacos, Tarascos is everything Houstonians love about local icy desserts. And, even though Houston is a big city in terms of geographical size, there are two separate locations, so there’s no excuse not to get your fix. Not into fruit pops and things of that nature? There are plenty of ice cream creations to be had here as well, from brownie al la modes and banana splits to ice cream sandwiches made with concha bread! Do you see what we mean? This place is seriously amazing and worth the try!

Atomic Snowballs – 12638 Bissonnett Street, Houston, TX

Serving up New Orleans-style shaved ice, which is more commonly referred to as “snowballs,” or “sno-balls,” Atomic Snowball aims to bring some of the Big Easy to H-Town. The stand is open and operating during Phase II of the COVID-19 reopening plan! Atomic Snowballs serves up 60 flavors made with pure Louisiana pure cane sugar and 45 sugar-free options, too. Once you select your flavor or flavors, they are combined with shaved-ice comes from a Louisiana-patented product called a SnoWizard – making for the perfect icy treat for hot Houston days.

Popfancy Creamery & Catering

Many think that Popfancy is just dairy popsicles and non-dairy fruit bars. This is partially true – and let us tell you that you can find some amazing flavors there, including Watermelon Cucumber, Vietnamese Coffee, Cereal Milk, Horchata, Matcha KitKat, and of course, Mangonada. But, what some don’t realize that Popfancy also offers many other desserts … and we say many, we mean quite a bit! You can find memorable concoctions, like their Hot Mochi Waffle Pops, Flurry Ice Cream Swirls, Milkshakes, and even Poptails with lemonade and green tea base and a paleta.

Although we provide the utmost luxury at Bayou Parc at Oak Forest Apartments in Houston, Texas, we love going the extra mile with our digital resources! Spice up your life with something different, and try out this new routine, recipe, or recommendation today.

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