Why You Should Get Your Child Into Reading as a Hobby

Reading is important – no one will ever deny this assertion. It is also one of the most vital activities to encourage your child or children to engage in, especially right now, when we’re all stuck at home. Reading will allow your child to travel to new places, engage with new people, and learn of new ideas. Not only is reading entertaining in these ways, but it’s also thought-provoking, knowledge-expanding, and absolutely critical to one’s success down the road. If these reasons aren’t enough, we’d like to breakdown how reading is so fundamental for your child.

Reading develops vocabulary and language skills.

Perhaps, most obviously, reading allows your child to develop vocabulary, grammar, and other language proficiencies that will promote efficient communication skills between parent and child. In other words, reading will provide children with the language they need to express themselves clearly and concisely by introducing them to varying sentence structures, writing styles, and more.

Reading encourages exploration and learning.

Once your child is exposed to reading, they’ll be introduced to a variety of topics, ideas, and even cultures that exist outside of their own worldview. This is important for teaching children about common differences, such as race, gender, and more. In these lessons, they will realize how much knowledge there is to be discovered and delve further into the subjects that interest them most.

Reading increases empathy for others.

As a child’s brain develops, they work to expand their narrow understanding of the world. With characters of various children’s books and young adult novels having a wide range of experiences, children can get a taste of life outside their own limited perceptions. They will learn to empathize with differences, appreciate their blessings, and grow into well-rounded individuals.

Reading improves concentration and exercises the brain.

Reading exercises a very important muscle – our brains! In fact, reading stimulates critical thinking, prevents memory loss, and even improves concentration. Consistently reading books will allow children – who will eventually grow into adults – an avenue to use to quiet their minds, focus on a set task for a period of time, and acquire specific knowledge.

Reading is the ultimate form of entertainment.

Smartphone apps, streaming services, and YouTube … they are all modern distractions that cater to children through programming and offerings. Despite technological distractions, reading will always be the superior choice between one or the other. Rather than spending hours in front of a screen, your child could turn to books as their default source of entertainment with a little encouragement.

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